A Hopeless Being

Has the beauty of the endless sky faded away?… or has my inner child disappeared into the dark abyss.

I ask this question because I’m unable to see what I saw when I was an innocent child. Looking at the starry sky with my young, inexperienced and ever so curious eyes always brought hope and made me feel like I was a part of something bigger, but now I can’t recollect when was the last time I saw the actual beauty of the sky with stars as beacons of hope.

Now I stare into the dark sky wondering “will I ever find my inner child, and ever be able to see the beauty of the sky again”.

It’s a Herculean task finding the inner child again since everyone’s hearts are possessed by demons of darkness and yet it’s not impossible.

Not everyone knows about these demons and those who do, have failed to escape from the clutches of this ever-increasing darkness.

Someday when you will confront your demons it’ll be a battle to remember, and you will have to win for the sake of your inner child, because if you lose the battle you may never find your beacon of hope.

A man without hope is not a man at all.


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